Monday, April 11, 2005

A dry spell of writing, heavy weather otherwise

I haven’t posted in the past couple of weeks because I’ve had too many things to write about and not enough time to write about them. So I’m afraid it’s time for another bullet points entry. Some topics may reappear in future posts with more details, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Life has a way of moving forward, not stopping and looking back… So here’s what I’ve been up to:

• After my trip to Boulder, I had five days at home to get ready for my trip to New York. In those five days I attended a rehearsal for Orpheus in the Underworld at UW; had a crucial, grounding breakfast with a good friend; hid in a closet and yelled “surprise!” at the appropriate time; came down with a cold, right on schedule; crammed more atonal melodies into my head; and celebrated my 5th Wedding Anniversary.

• The celebration included an exquisite – and exquisitely presented – dinner at The Georgian (ironic in that our wedding reception was at The Georgian - in Athens, GA) and a pampered night at the Fairmont Olympic in downtown Seattle. We have decided to occasionally give ourselves glimpses of the luxurious life we ultimately want for ourselves, and what better time than a milestone like our 5th. Like our wedding, big nights out on the town can serve as public statements of our intent – we are Together and in this for the Long Haul!

• I arrived at JFK on the JetBlue redeye and got a ride to Brooklyn with a very, umm, colorful driver. I stayed in my brother’s apartment last week while he was in Amsterdam and E and S were visiting E’s family in Wisconsin. It was very strange being in the apartment without them, but I had a friendly and affectionate cat to keep me company. I nursed my cold by eating in, drinking tea, and not calling any friends! I continued to cram.

• Rehearsals started on Tuesday for Thursday night’s A.R. Thomas Profile Concert at Miller. I was a guest artist with Alarm Will Sound, a new music ensemble that formed when most of the members were students at Eastman. Since they have known each other and worked together for almost 8 years, they have an easy rapport and rehearsals are efficiently run. Talented individual performers coming together to form a top-notch ensemble dedicated to giving new music a voice in the concert hall.

• The concert itself went fairly well. I missed a couple entrances – and no telling how many notes! – but the desired affect was achieved. A friend of mine said that when the piece was over, she and her friends said that they wanted to hear it again right away. That’s a good sign! I know that Augusta was pleased; she thanked me for learning her piece “so well,” so my little slips must have been little indeed. She asked for my contact info so that she could put other organizations in touch with me when they wanted to program In My Sky at Twlight. Read a review of the concert here.

• After a very large martini (too large, honestly, if there is such a thing) Thursday after the concert, I slept in on Friday. In the afternoon I walked around the neighborhood, practicing fiscal discipline by not purchasing the beautiful, brightly colored dresses in the shop windows, and eating a decadent chocolate croissant with my afternoon coffee.

• A mini-Tanglewood 2004 reunion occurred on Saturday. Two of the Fellows, both tenors, were singing in the finals concert of the Oratorio Society Competition at Weill Hall, and one of the Piano Fellows was playing. It was an exciting concert, in general, with a couple voices that thrilled me so I almost jumped out of my seat and yelped. There was a baritone who sang rapid-fire Handel coloratura while looking so relaxed he could have been yawning and a gentle young mezzo who walked on the stage looking scared to death, but as soon as she started to sing transformed into a young Lorraine Hunt Lieberson. It was wonderful. Neither of our friends placed in the top three, which was a travesty, in my mind. But I won’t go into that here.

• The NYC Bird family got home on Sunday, and we’ve been hanging out and catching up. Syliva is darling as ever, and the next little Baby Bird is present in the slightly wider hugs to E. I’m still nursing the cold, and hope to have all my high notes back by Wednesday when I audition for the folks at Dispeker. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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TJM said...

Hey. I was sorry to have missed your NYC performance. I usually keep up with the music scene here, but have been swamped lately. Add me to your mailing list or something so I don't flake out next time you're in town. Glad to hear it went well!

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