Sunday, August 19, 2007

Colleagues, Part II - Family

YL and I had our last coffee today and we talked about my earlier entry. (Her order, by the way, well-known by all who love her: triple grand breve cappuccino. Chiara always says that one of the things you should know about your good friends is how they take their coffee…) We agreed that not only are these good colleagues our friends, but they are our family.

Many of us are single, and even those of us who are partnered are unsure how children will fit into their lives. Will we have the time and stability in our careers to devote to being the kinds of parents we would hope to be? And our extended families – parents, siblings – are usually spread around the country, so we often have to miss major holidays with them, especially during the busy December holiday gig season. On paper, it looks like we’re Alone.

This year will be like that for me; I’m committed to the Met through January, which means no Thanksgiving in Georgia, no Christmas in Colorado. No Messiah’s on the books, either. But these days, I am lucky enough to count some of my dearest friends in New York City. I have family here, too, but even if the Brooklyn Birds are away for the holidays, I won’t be alone. I won’t ever be alone (unless I want to be…), because my Opera Family will take me in. And I will be as loved there as I would be on Harwich Street or Tara Way.

How lucky am I?!

Don’t know where I heard it first, but “friends are the family you choose.” Choose well, and you will never be Alone.


Scatterbrained Seal said...

Speaking of your contract with the Met, what are you doing? The last post mentioned Barbarina, but I thought you were covering Susanna? Are you actually singing Barbarina and covering Susanna? I'm excited to hear regardless of the outcome. :)

Roni said...

You are right, many classical musicians are always "on the move", no time for real family... Children require real commitment, and if you know you won't be able to give them that - better not have them at all, I guess. But, in reality, it is up to you whether to turn the career nob down a bit and start a real family. Career and family can "live" side by side - they are not mutually exclusive!

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