Saturday, April 01, 2006


In the tradition of bloggers everywhere, the time has come for me to take a hiatus from writing. I have a lot going on in all areas of my life – professional, personal, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical – and I need to try and focus. To spend more time being quiet and less time talking. Or thinking about talking. Or even thinking, to be honest. So I’m pulling back a bit. Mostly, I’m finding it hard to maintain the optimistic tone of this blog when I’m so overwhelmed with everything life is throwing at me!

Things will obviously be trucking along in the music department, so if you want to keep up with me in that regard, my website will be the way to do it. I keep it pretty well updated these days, thanks to finally understanding Dreamweaver. Maybe I’ll even try to get back in the habit of sending semi-regular Mailing List emails… Look for some new sound clips soon; I’ll be recording a new demo this spring. Presentation of the Rose, “Du gai soleil,” “Volta la terrea,” and maybe a Baby Doe aria, if I can choose one of the five!

My hope will be to start writing again when I get to Santa Fe in June. It’s going to be an incredible summer there, what with all the 50th Anniversary celebrations and all. I have lots of friends and colleagues from past gigs that will be Apprentices with me this year, and I am really looking forward to being with them all again. I have no doubt I’ll have plenty to write about, and I hope to be in a place where I have the mental space to do it.

Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts. Please feel free to drop me a line anytime and let me know how you’re doing. I’ll still be reading blogs, so I may show up in a comment from time to time (not unlike Canadienne…). I am grateful for all my friends, both “in the computer” and out, especially at times like these.

Peace and love to all of you.

PS - This is not an April Fool's joke... that's just an irony.
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