Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wearing Art

How much would you pay for this dress? A few things you can't tell by looking at it (unless you're a connoisseur of high fashion) that might affect your answer:

It is one of a kind.

It was designed by John Galliano.

It makes me feel like a goddess. (Well, maybe you can tell that just by looking.)

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Dean said...

Fabuleux! (That's French for "Hot") I thought I saw you at the Oscars...

melissa said...

Absolutely stunning. Don't know how much I'd pay for it; I haven't looked that good in a dress for years, so I'd be inclined to pay A LOT if I found the right dress.

I guess my only question would be what you'll be wearing it for. Since it's so memorable, it might not be versatile for same-city repeated wear (not a major prob, of course, since you're working on a Global Career...). Also, to me it's very much a "solo concert dress" (as opposed to oratorio concert-type work, where it might look a little too Awesomely Sexy). Then again, maybe you're looking to buy it for a night out on the town ;-)

Carrie said...

This dress is stunning, ACB. And though my own attire won't advertise my love for it, I do follow high fashion so I'm dying to know what this dress actually would cost. But it looks divine and I'm sure it feels even more outrageous. I hope you took out a loan and bought it :)
I want to talk/email with you about a conductor I met I think you should befriend. Email me?

Heather said...

Yes, Carolyn, you DO look like a goddess, and I still stand by my assessment that "singers are bee-yoo-ti-ful"! There is something...isn't there...about the voice, embodied as it is, being so natural, that you HAVE to turn you attentions (sometimes) to something more artificial? Very fun.

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