Thursday, January 31, 2008

There and Back Again

Much against my will, I’m writing this from the terminal at the Grand Rapids airport.

Don’t worry - I didn’t get fired! It was always part of the plan that I would have to go back to NYC for about 36 hours to cover the final performance of Hansel & Gretel, but I couldn’t be more reluctant to leave.

Even in three days, we’ve hit a stride as cast and crew that feels very natural and fun. Our rehearsal period is short for this production (just about two weeks before tech week), and everyone is very focused and a bit wired, knowing what a big job it is to put this opera together in so little time! Character relationships are building up layer by layer, and we’re getting the detailed staging into our bodies and minds. Inside jokes are already starting to pop up, and even under pressure rehearsals are fun. When I left this evening, we’d finished up Act I and started Act II, stopping just before Cherubino’s aria. Not bad for three days!

Of course, the blizzard (was that a blizzard?) that hit last night has thrown a bit of a wrench into my plans. I’ll be a bit late getting out of GRR, but should still be able to make my connection at O’Hare. By the time I post this, of course, I’ll be home one way or another, turning back around early Friday morning to make it back for a 3pm rehearsal. Cospetto! Wish me luck…

**Updated** I made it, obviously, seven hours after the journey began. (ight? how do I figure that brief sojourn to Central Time?). You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise… I almost missed my connection in Chicago, which would have been fine, I think. A good excuse to see a friend. But, in any case, I’m home. Time for a steamy shower and a nice long sleep in my own bed. Tomorrow will be filled with errands and Barber recits, dinner with LW and maybe a drink with JD. Sweet dreams, all!

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