Wednesday, September 02, 2009

On the “piano”

In an attempt to focus myself and organize my study, as well as catch you all up on what’s going on and coming up, I thought I’d run through all the music that is stacked on my imaginary piano. (B asked if I was going to rename these posts “On the Current Project Shelf,” since that’s what we have here in Brooklyn, but it just doesn’t have the same ring...)

In order of appearance (details of the gigs to be found here):

Parts scores: small score excerpts from the Met for my small covers this fall: 1st Bridesmaid (Nozze), Young Lover (Il tabarro) (yes, I’m covering my debut role; yes, it’s weird, but the rest of the season is worth it!).

Suor Angelica: Two roles to learn in this one, Alms Collector to perform and Suor Genovieffa to cover. For those of you who have seen the Met’s new Trittico, either live or on a broadcast, you might remember a donkey onstage during Angelica. Well, I get to bring him on! He’s the basket carrier for the Alms Sisters, and I remember him being so sweet (if a bit stinky...). I don’t technically get to lead him on; there is a handler for that, but I’ll for sure get to pet him!

I’m more excited about the singing aspect of the Genovieffa role. The character is so sweet and has some really gorgeous lines, including a bit about how much she misses being a shepherdess. I hope to get to show a bit more of my range with this role for those folks at the Met who might be noticing those sorts of things.

Micaela and Marguerite: These two roles are the farthest away, but pose the biggest challenge many ways: first roles in French, first serious roles, new styles of music... I am starting me detailed process of score-marking and text exploration; I think you can expect to hear about Marguerite as much as you heard about Susanna. For those of you who missed it, imagine a play-by-play of how I learn and embody a BIG new role! Hope you’ll find it interesting...

Finally a **Request for assistance:** I’m brainstorming a recital program! My father is a member of an amateur astronomy group in Boulder, CO, and I have agreed to do a fund-raising recital for them in December. I’m in the “hunting and gathering” stage of organizing, collecting as many ideas for repertoire as I can. The theme? It’s a stretch: the sky! Anything to do with the stars or the sky or the moon or night or the planets... Got a favorite? Send it along! I’ll post a list of my collection soon and we can brainstorm more together.

That’s all for now! More to come.

PS Almost forgot: Tons of new arias! This will likely be covered in it's own post, but, briefly: Come scoglio, Margie's Jewel Aria, Micaela's "Je dis que rien ne m'epouvante," the aforementioned Juliette Poison aria, and - hold on to your hats - Violetta's Act I cavatina/cabaletta! Here we go!!


Nicole Randall-Chamberlain said...

Obviously "Ain't It a pretty night?" from Susannah by Carlisle Floyd. You're working on it anyway I see. My all time favorite opera. Got some great flute parts.

Melissa said...

I've often toyed with the idea of doing a set of several different settings of "L'heure exquise" (La lune blanche luit dans les bois....). There are lots out there: Faure, Clara Schumann, Hahn of course. They're all quite different, and all beautiful, and I love that poem. :)

asd said...

Not sky, but something in the sky:

"Jupiter has seven moons" from I hate music! (Bernstein)

"Song for the moon" from Rusalka (Dvorak)

ACB said...

Ooh, arias! Hadn't even thought about including a couple, but those are perfect.

Keep 'em coming!

Drama Mezzo said...

Hey, great that you are blogging again!

Songs about the sky/etc, what about a Brahms group. There must be more than these:

Feldeinsamkeit (Allmers, Brahms, ich ruhe still im hohen grünen Grass, ..., von Himmelsbläue wundersam umwoben. ...)

Mondnacht (Eichendorff, Brahms and Schumann (?) and several others, Es war als haett der Himmel, die Erde still geküsst)

Auf dem See (Simrock, Brahms: Blauer Himmel, blaue Wogen ...)

melwadel said...

"Lost In The Stars" - Anderson/Weill.

melwadel said...

"Lost In The Stars" - Anderson/Weill.

MU1 Lisa Williamson said...

"Vaga luna che inargenti" (Bellini). A little Italian song to shake things up.

twelvethoughts said...

"Nacht und Traume", one of Schubert's lieder. Simple but effective piano accompaniment. If you can include a translation of the lyrics in the program, you will have those astronomers' hearts melting.

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