Sunday, July 24, 2005

Around the Blogosphere

Two entries from Tomness, who is busy at Marlboro Music Festival:
A bit of insight into what’s hiden between the lines of that interview. (I feel like I could have a whole other blog about my “other music,” the music I listen to when I’m full up on opera. Guess that makes me human…)
And an hysterical note to a living composer. Love it!

From in the wings:
Musical ”skinny jeans”. Sometimes it’s good to be uncomfortable…

At The Standing Room, fun international Friday cat-blogging. (Although, aren’t you supposed to cat-blog your own cats?)

Lots of good stuff at Ionarts, who is in Santa Fe for a few days. Read his reviews of Lucio Silla and Barber of Seville; I know he saw Peter Grimes last night, so look for a review of that shortly. He also has a great post about SFO itself – its founder and history, current and future programming, the campus, and, of course, the Apprentice Programs! I’m hoping to have lunch with Mr. Downey tomorrow to talk blogging, music, and music-blogging, among other things.

Canadienne is having a real adventure in Aix-en-Provence! From falling down the stairs to learning how to grow in a role despite bad reviews (and no solo bows! grr), she is blogging the experience of a lifetime. I, for one, am grateful for her sharing. I know how hard it is to blog about the lower points of our careers, and I think it shows what a mensch she is that she is that she blogs the tough stuff right along with the Diva Flowers. I look forward to meeting her in person someday.

Jeremy Denk is in Seattle, or, at least, he was two weeks ago, and made me homesick with his description of the locals. (I read his bio on the ICM site, and LOVE the fact that his blog is mentioned! In the final paragraph: Mr. Denk records some of his touring, practicing, and otherwise unrelated experiences at a blog called "Think Denk." ( It is linked to by several other arts blogs, and was recently singled out for praise by the music critic of the New Yorker, who wrote "Who needs music critics when you have performers who can write like that?" Maybe I’ll be brave enough to include TheConcert in my bio someday…

Ok, that’s enough for now. Happy reading! More from Santa Fe tomorrow. Erik goes home this evening and I have to sing a concert in Albequerque this afternoon. Not exactly how I want to spend my day off, but I'll survive. I've been so busy these two weeks that I feel like I've hardly seen Erik, but it's been good to at least have his presence here. But, tomorrow, I have to make my own breakfast again...


Sarah said...

Anne Bird! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I knew AC back when she was just "Anne." Great to read your blog! I'm thinking about booking Jeremy Denk, so this post caught my eye.

Drop me a line . . . and congrats on everything!

Sarah of Avondale High School fame

ACB said...

SARAH!! Email on the way soon, I promise.

Tom, you know, I hadn't thought about like that. My blog IS listed on my other site (on the Contact page), so obviously people who look for info on me can find it. I think it the fact that Denk's management thinks so highly of his writing that even THEY include it in his materials is what impresses me. He is a fine writer, indeed. Enjoy your time w/ him at Marlboro.

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