Friday, February 17, 2006

To Do for February 17

- Figure out why I keep going sharp on the melismatica passages of Lua Descolorida… muscle memory is a tricky little thing. Grrr.
- Get my concert dress altered, taking about two inches off of the hem. They want me barefoot for the concerts, and even with shoes it is a little too long. Fortunately, the president of the ASO was able to get me an appointment with her tailor this morning.
- Drink lots of water. Inhale lots of steam. Watch a movie. Rest and enjoy the quiet of my room.
- Sing another concert! This one with my grandparents, aunt, and cousin (and the Mayor of Atlanta) in the audience.


the Rev said...

Anne Carolyn, I am excited to hear "La Pasion" - currently in exotic southeast Kansas, beginning my journey to London. Love, 83.

Anonymous said...

BRAVA! A very awesome performance Friday night. It was really beautiful. Brian and I were very impressed. (Great dress by the way, it got me up off my duff to go buy mine)

I think I was near your cheering section. They were excited to be there :)

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