Saturday, June 10, 2006

Full Blogroll

Full Blogroll

Bold links are the newest additions; latest update: September 2009.

Coloratur…aaah - fellow blogging soprano
Conservatory Bound - Violinist turned singer
grecchinois - Nicholas Phan, tenor
Operavision - Aprile Millo joins the blogosphere, and we are the better for it.
singin’rin - Rinat Shaham, mezzo
Tomness - Food and Schubert, not always in that order.
Yankeediva - Joyce DiDonato, sharing her journey with us

Chicago Opera Theater - Brain Dickie, General Director
La Cieca -
Little Ms. Bossy - a very funny and sweet opera director, sharing her life in Houston
My Favorite Intermissions - Maury D’Annato, opera fanatic
MetBlog - the New Met
NYC Opera Fanatic - Just what he says
Opera Chic - OC goes to La Scala and you don’t
OperaNow! - weekly (mostly) podcasts about all that’s hot in the world of opera.
Prima la Musica - Soprano adoration from NZ
Rahree - An opera admin dishes on opera (duh), books, music, and the Steelers.
Score Desk – the next hot young opera blogger
Sieglinde’s Diaries - NY-based operagoer’s blog
Unamplified voice - NY opera blogging
Wellsung - Opera Reviews for Four Hands
Wolf Trap Opera Blog - Kim Witman takes us behind the table

Music and Arts
About Last Night - Terry Teachout
Alex Ross, The Rest is Noise - Classical music critic for The New Yorker
Andrew Patner - Chicago-based music journalist
Arts Journal: Music - Headlines from around the world
Aurgasm - Your favorite music you’ve never heard, streaming weekly.
aworks - “new” American classical music
Daniel Felsenfeld - composer, music writer, fellow NEC alum
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society - “music, politics, life in New York” and shiny baubles
Dial M for Musicology - They say they even welcome air-guitarists, so I dig these guys.
Deceptively Simple - Marc.
The Determined Dilettante - TONY Arts & Entertainment editor
eighth blackbird - new music darlings are blogging!
Feast of Music - excellent NYC concert reviews
From Every Corner - SMB in PDX
ionarts - Charles Downey, based in DC but writing about arts around the world
Iron Tongue of Midnight - Lisa Hirsch
Jessica Duchen - Novelist, music journalist; another link long overdue
James Roe - NYC arts insight from the Dir of Helicon
Jessica Duchen - London-based music writer and novelist
Jonathan Biss, pianist - irregular but thoughtful postings about making music.
Music as Weapon? - David, how did I now know you were blogging? Founder & director of Newspeak; check it out.
Musical Perceptions - the original FriPod
NewMusicBox - “web magazine” from the American Music Center
Nico Muhly - the young composer shares his musings.
Night After Night - NY-based music writing
notes from the kelp - composer (and lover of the sea) Alex Shapiro
oboeinsight - Oboes in San Fran
The Quotidian – Lisa Bielawa, BMOP composer-in-residence
The Reverberate Hills - another voice from the San Fran scene
Roger Evans Online - music reviews and thoughts on the state of things in The Biz
Sequenza21 - Contempory Classical Music
sogalitno - a Southern gal in the North
SoHo the Dog - my new favorite music geek
The Standing Room - Singing and Parking in San Francisco
Think Denk - Jeremy Denk, pianist

The 3 F’s: Food, Fashion, Friends
101 Cookbooks - Inspiration
Ampersand - Life, uncensored, now from New Zealand
The Budget Fashionista - Looking great without breaking the bank
Dilettante Traveler - Travel, often and varied
fashionologie - An insider’s view, I think
Orangette - Food writing that reads like poetry
Perfect Pantry - what a food writer keeps in her larder.
Pink of Perfection - La dolce vita
The Sartorialist - On the street in NY & around the world
Zauberwelt - Another old friend, rediscovered through the blogosphere

Reading & Writing
Blurbomat - Behind the scenes at
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - Calf nuts and cowboys.
David Byrne - ‘nuff said
dooce - She who started it all (well, a lot of it, anyway) - Having a bad day? Go here and LOL.
Huffington Post - recently brought back to my attention - a bit of everything
Stuff White People Like - Funny stuff.
Terminal Degree - Insight into academia
This Fish - now, oddly, in Texas

Art, beauty, photography
bighappyfunhouse - found photographs
form meets function - drool-inducign design
Martinis and Mantras
Melear-o-sphere - photos and thoughts from our photo guru. Oh, he’s a conductor, too.
random thoughts II: a beautiful photo blog
Strange Maps - Maps. Strange ones.
such stuff - My daily dose of beauty
The Year in Pictures - Inspiration and beauty from a NYC photography curator

Et moi: Go to my .Mac site for a while instead.
Twitter - a Tweeting Bird, a most natural thing


Gregory said...

Oh my heart! You don't love me no more!

Princess Alpenrose said...

It's okay, Gregory. She doesn't love me either!

Princess Alpenrose said...

Thank you for adding my blog, Anne Carolyn! And you've got it exactly right; I am indeed finding my voice.

southern gal said...

nor me ;(

ACB said...

Sorry, all! Thanks for the nudge; I think I've got it squared away now. I'm sure I've missed others, too, so please let me know if you'd like to be included.

OT to sogalitno: now that we're both "itno," shall we meet up for a coffee sometime? I feel like you're in NYC, but I could be wrong on that. Let me know if you're in the area!

Anonymous said...

I got bumped too! It's OK, I know where I'm not wanted... I'll just go stick my head in an oven somewhere... *quiet whimper*

Anonymous said...

oy, but what about Meeeh? :)
how was opening night?!

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