Thursday, March 22, 2007

Life goes on

In today’s round of “be careful how quickly you round the corners at the Met,” I came face to face (very close!) with Angela Gheorghiu. It was definitely one of those, “Hey, do I know you?” moments, where I felt like I should say hello since, obviously, I knew her. But I quickly realized that I only know her as a Famous Person, and if I had said, “Oh, hi!” like I almost did, I would have felt very silly!

I think she saw the progression of those thoughts across my face (I bet she sees it a lot), and smiled a very sweet smile as we passed. She is stunning, absolutely gorgeous. When do we see her in hi-def at the movies?

I finally start rehearsing on Monday! Tabarro rehearsals started this week, but they seem to be cycling through each of the three operas in Trittico, rehearsing a different one each day. Since my scene in Tabarro is near the end, my number never came up in rotation this week. I certainly stayed occupied, what with getting Bhakti off the ground (we’ve already gotten a couple of nibbles about recitals for 08-09!) and doing the preliminary round of the Oratorio Society of New York competition. (I’ll hear about the semi-finals in early April.) But I’m ready to start getting up on my feet and rehearsing! Being a cover for the past three months (three months!!) has been a great way to get familiar with the Met and the way the system works there, but I’m ready to work. Sitting and watching is not what I came here to do!

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting with a group of high school choir kids visiting from Boulder (one of whom attends my parents’ church); we’ll do a little tour of Lincoln Center and talk about life as a singer in the big city. In the afternoon I’m going to record some arias, then covering Helena (from home, since it’s not a broadcast) before heading to see a campy scary movie with a bunch of Santa Fe folks. Saturday, an audition and then the final MATA concert, not to mention my father’s 60th Birthday!! Sunday promises to hold brunch (of course) and some babysitting of the Brooklyn Birds (which will include watching Sylvia’s favorite movie) as a gift for my brother’s birthday, which is Monday. A good weekend.

Hope you have one, too!


Princess Alpenrose said...

It really is like some kind of Opera High School isn't it?

Almost like, "I was on my way back to locker after English, and I almost ran smack into the Prom Queen in the hallway. And she turned out to be really nice! We don't have the same schedule, but I guess we do go to the same school now..."

Scatterbrained Seal said...

Angela Gheorghiu(!!!)? Awesome. :) You've got so much going on, yet you still find time to see a campy horror flick with friends. I love it.

T. Ambrose Nazianzus said...

I was backstage at the WNO this past weekend, waiting to meet someone else from the opera I had seen, when Placido Domingo emerged from his dressing room, and started doing greetings. Talk about completely unexpected. I actually have a little blog post on it.

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