Thursday, January 03, 2008

An exchange

From a conversation with my roommate, as we were talking about our travel schedules for the first half of this year:

“Well, I’ll be in Michigan during most of February.”
“Oh yeah? What for?”
“Well, Figaro, mostly!”
“Oh, I thought Figaro was next February! I thought all the studying you were doing was you just getting a big head start!”

Oh, AP, if only that were the case!

No, in all seriousness, I think I’m in good shape. Act I feels solid, 80-90% memorized, and Act II, the biggest one for me musically, is well on its way. Solidly learned, probably around 50-60% memorized. The recits have been coming fairly easily, to my surprise, with the big ensembles proving a bit harder to memorize. The scene with Antonio in the Act II Finale is fully of one-line interjections that I’m just going to have to drill over and over.

So, I’m off to do just that! I’ve got a couple of hours to work this afternoon, then off to meet the blackbirds!

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