Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Balm for the Soul

For various reasons, I was in a pretty bad mood when I got to rehearsal this morning. (It is very stressful trying to close on a house from a thousand miles away! I finally told our insurance company that I can not be the main contact person for our new policy. A) I don’t always know the answers to their questions, and b) it is really hard to think about all that when I’m away from home AND up to my ears (haha) in three operas a day.) This morning I had two frustrating conversations with a very nice insurance agent, the last of which started five minutes before I needed to be heading out the door. Not a great start to the morning.

But this morning’s rehearsal? Turandot Sitzprobe (sit and sing, no staging). All I needed was the sound of that Puccini orchestra swarming around me, and all was again right with the world. It was a rough day in many ways – I really miss my community of friends! – but in every hour of rehearsal I was reminded of the power of music to soothe.

Tonight I’m having dinner with friends, and I’m sure there will be some griping about the days events. But around it all will be hanging the ghosts of those beautiful melodies, those exquisite harmonies, that magical gift of music.

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Canadienne said...

Enjoying your blog a lot! One of my good friends Jennifer Wilson is your Turandot! I am sure she is singing wonderfully...I too have been experiencing the trouble of trying to keep my life in Chicago running smoothly whilst away from it. Puccini is a good balm for the soul!

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