Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blog Roll

I’ve been adding new blogs to my Links sidebar recently, so I thought I’d give a little review of what’s over there. The Music Links are all pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a recap:

The Rest is Noise – Alex Ross’s blog, notes on his book in progress, and his New Yorker articles

The Standing Room - musings on music of all kinds, and the occasional rant against the San Francisco parking situation; also my first "out of bloggy" experience!

Tomness, Les Histoires de moi, and Canadienne – fellow singers - a baritone, a mezzo, and a soprano - chronicling their careers

oboeinsight, In the Wings, Notes of All Kinds, Of Music and Men – an obosit, two pianists, and a former-Seattle Symphony Concertmaster

Prima la Musica, An Unamplified Voice, La Cieca, Kinderkuchen for the FBI – opera fans and insiders (insight-ers?)

Ionarts, Arts Journal Music – music news and reviews from around the world, ionarts focusing on the DC area

In the non-music category (generally), I greatly enjoy the food blog Orangette, the writer of whom lives in Seattle. (I dream of someday joining the inner sanctum and being invited over for a Sunday morning breakfast…) She also contributes to the online “magazine” Saucy.

Fashion is relatively new interest. A Dress a Day, Manolo’s Shoe Blog, and I Am Fashion provide insights into past, present, and future fashion trends. Also, drool over the lastest runway collections at Someday I will wear a couture gown, preferably one that has been sent to me for free from the designer!

I have two dear friends who blog: Chiara at Ampersand and Calin at The Dilettante Traveler. (She has said that she will come see me perform anywhere in the world; I think it’s a pleasant excuse to plan a trip! So far she’s followed me to Boston, Tanglewood, and LA, with trips planned for Santa Fe and London. Watch for some blog cross-references!)

Happy reading!

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