Saturday, June 25, 2005


Just got home from the Turandot run-through. I’m starving, of course, and very tired. My hair looks fabulous, as it always does after being in pin-curls under wigs and hats all night. Gorgeous soft curls! I’ll get a picture one of these nights. But the trouble with pin-curl hair is that it only happens after a show, which means it’s very late, which means I’m too tired to go out and be cute with my fancy hair. Oh, the injustice!

All in all, the run-through went well. There are still a few holes and awkward moments, but it will come together just fine. It is a visually stunning show, to be certain. Turandot’s last costume is exquisite! My Act Three costume involves a wig that falls to the back of my knees, a sheer black kimono with gold embroidery and enormous sleeves, and – get this – 8-inch platform sandals. Ha!. I have an escort with me at all times, but there was still a moment or two where I felt more than a little precarious! I’m hopeful that with a few small blocking changes all fear of falling can be eased. At least from my mind; I can’t speak for the other two courtesans! They each have their own concerns, I think. But we look amazing!

Time for a quick snack, another go at my face with some soap, and then to bed. I have a rehearsal at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll be doing my best to sleep in. We’ll see if the puppies will cooperate…

PS I've had a request for updates on voice lessons! I'll try to get to that tomorrow, too. Had another one today that went very well.

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Jonathan Spehar said...

Thanks!! I think Ill return in the near future

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