Monday, November 07, 2005

A crystal ball of sorts

I just stumbled upon a wonderful site, a glimpse into the future of Met Opera seasons. (I stumbled there through a link at NYC Opera Fanatic.) Next year's highlight for me? Orfeo ed Eurydice starring Lorraine Hunt Lieberson and directed by Mark Morris! Wow.

Does anyone know about this kind of insiders' view for other companies? Very cool.

I'm settled in here in Atlanta. Great hotel room, and my first rehearsal last night was really fun. It was just me and the second "offstage" singer (we're always onstage now, so we need a new name!), a recent graduate of Georgia State. She has a light and flexible voice like mine, and we blended beautifully. When we both sang straight tone on the same pitch, it almost sounded like one voice! She is Indian, so she is familiar with the more "ethinc" sounds that Osvaldo has written into the vocal line, and she incorporates them wonderfully. I don't know how to describe them, but imagine wails and sobs sung and you'll get something close. Osvaldo wasn't at the rehearsal last night, so I can't wait for him to hear her tonight. He is going to be so happy!

I'm having lunch with a cousin today, then I plan to spend the afternoon studying the scores I brought with me. Dinner with the Santa Fe gang tonight, then rehearsal from 7-10. I don't have internet in my room, so I'm currently set up at the Starbucks next door. I just found a list of free wifi spots in town, though, so I'll see if there's one within walking distance.

More soon!

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Anonymous said...

I had a ticket for Wednesday night not knowing you were in it. Congrats and looking foward to hearing you sing!

Nicole Randall

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