Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday, and today has been a good one. It started with our suitcase being delivered at 8am, all in one piece and everything accounted for. Then, since the cold rain the weatherman had predicted didn’t look like it was going to make an appearance this morning, Mark, Sylvia, and “Uncle Erik” headed into Manhattan to watch the parade. I’m not a fan of crowds – or parades, truth be told – so Elizabeth and I stayed home with baby James and started the dinner preparations.

I tell you, tag-teaming is the way to prepare a big meal. It started last night, when E made two pie crusts and a pumpkin pie and then I made chocolate-pecan. Then this morning, I made squash casserole, she, the chicken; I made the cranberry chutney, she, the roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes; and we both worked on the mashed potatoes. Add Mark’s pitcher of Cosmopolitans to the preparations, a bottle of spicy white wine with dinner, and we had an incredible afternoon of food and family. Lots to be thankful for, most definitely.

Now it’s football on the tv, poker in the dining room, and more pie as dinner settles and we make more room. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day, too! I hope you are surrounded with love and food and happiness, today and everyday.

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