Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sometimes it pays to ask the question

I heard this week, through the proverbial grapevine, that Seattle Opera was thinking about doing Falstaff for their YAP opera next year, if they can find enough men. This is news, in that I had heard (from people in the YAP administration) that they were planning on Rossini’s Cenerentola, an opera with a small role for my voice type but not the kind of role that would make it worth my while to join a year-long YAP simply for the chance to sing it. I think Cenerentola is still the fallback plan, and time will tell, but I thought I should try and get my foot in the door for Falstaff. I’m still not sure that I want to be in a year-long YAP, but I won’t have the choice unless I audition.

The trouble is: I didn’t even apply to Seattle! (YAPs generally have an application process which includes a CD screening, an application form, and a fee.) And their auditions are this week here in New York. But, I decided to take a chance. I emailed one of the staff members that I knew would be involved in the auditions and asked if I could “crash” the audition, show up basically unannounced and sing if they could fit me in. He knew that I hadn’t applied, but forwarded my email to the auditions scheduler. Next thing I know, I have an audition at 1:00 today! I’ll fill out the application when I get there, pay my fee, and sing a little ditty (any guesses?).

This wouldn’t happen with just any company. I’ve auditioned for the Seattle YAP twice before (both times making the final round) and have done some coaching with staff members. They know me and have watched my progress over the years, so I’m not just a random lyric soprano walking in off the street. Still, I’m proud of myself for taking advantage of that familiarity in order to get myself in front of them once again. I’ve been kicking myself recently for not making more of my connections, especially ones from this summer at Santa Fe, but this is a start. I’m also waiting to hear about one more audition next week that will be a direct result of “working a connection,” if I get it. This is the part of the business, the marketing and selling, that I’m still getting comfortable with.

But today is a start!

PS We got our internet worked out here at the aparment: we're piggy-backing on someone's unencrypted wireless signal! Woohoo!

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ejmichel said...

toi toi on all your auditions and brava for following your instincts and connections.

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