Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Bird’s-Eye View

A few months ago, you may recall, Hurricanes Katrina & Rita devastated the Gulf States. You couldn’t get away from the news coverage. It’s easy to think that recovery is over and life is back to normal for those people since we never hear anything about it any more. But I’m fairly certain that is far from that truth.

I’ll soon have an insider’s view into the recovery effort, though, as my father is leaving in a couple of weeks for a stint as a volunteer coordinator somewhere in that area. He plans to blog about his experience, which I think is awesome, and I asked if I could mention it here. He has finally agreed, and so, here’s my first plug. His reasons for blogging are very similar to mine: to keep his friends and family aware of his activities and to serve as a window into this important time and place that seems already to be nearly forgotten. (Obviously, my blog is not about an important time and place, but you get the idea…)

For an insider’s view into how the recovery effort is going, point your browser to A Bird’s-Eye View. He still doesn’t have details, like exactly where he’ll be staying, as things change pretty quickly down there. But “The Rev,” as he is affectionately called, plans to blog as regularly as circumstances will allow. A retired USAF Lt. Col and now a Presbyterian minister, my father has a unique skill set that will come in handy as he works to help get people’s lives back together.
I’ll have the link on my sidebar for the duration of his visit, but link to it yourself and stop by regularly. Pass it along to others who will enjoy it, or who need a reminder of what that check to the Red Cross was actually for.

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sogal said...

my sister and brotherinlaw and nephew lost everything in their house in the most flooded area (midcity) so we are greatly appreciative of anyone who wants to come and help out!

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