Thursday, January 19, 2006

More Golijov links

With an article in Newsday this week and one in the Economist last week, Osvaldo Golijov has officially reached the mainstream. (And by "mainstream," I mean the non-music world. I don't, of course, mean "middle-America." If only.)

If you are in New York City (or nearby) and you haven’t gotten your tickets for the Lincoln Center Passion of Osvaldo Golijov, you’d better hurry.

Update 1/23: Even before this article hit doorsteps on Sunday morning, all three performances of Ainadamar were completely sold out.


Heath said...

AC, I was lucky enough to be at Sunday's performance at the Rose Theatre. What a great event! Although... I missed a certain horse's head element that I recall from Tanglewood in '03.

It's great to see that you are doing so well and to discover your online presence. Congrats!

Nicole Randall said...

I can't believe, ok i can, the Golijov performances are sold out here in Atlanta. Rats!!!

Ariadne said...

Apropos of Golijov links, did you see the post on Unamplified Voice? It's at: .

Wondered what you thought of that one?

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