Sunday, February 12, 2006


Thanks to the blogosphere, I think it’s been well-established that singers’ lives are not, generally speaking, the glamorous affairs we once imagined them to be. But in case you need a refresher, here’s an outline of my tour schedule. My glamorous, high-profile, “let’s go see the world!” international debut tour:

Feb. 14 – travel to Atlanta
Feb. 15 – rehearse, morning and afternoon
Feb. 16 am – dress rehearsal
Feb. 16 pm – first performance
Feb. 17 – second performance
Feb. 18 – third performance
Feb. 19 – travel to NYC
Feb. 20 am – rehearse
Feb. 20 pm – fourth performance
Feb. 21 – fifth performance
Feb. 22 – travel to London
Feb. 23 – rehearse, morning and afternoon
Feb. 24 – sixth performance
Feb. 25 am – travel to Porto
Feb. 25 pm – rehearse
Feb. 26 am – rehearse
Feb. 26 pm – seventh and final performance
Feb. 27 – Day Off to explore Porto with The Dilettante Traveler and SH! (or sleep)
Feb. 28 – travel to Seattle (and my un-birthday!)

How about that?! Glamorous, huh?

It’s actually pretty amazing, when you think about it. Imagine the logistics of getting a chorus, orchestra and soloists through all of that. Visas, ground transportation, customs, hotels, everything. This will be my first time getting a per diem as part of my contract, so I won’t be spending my fee. Very nice. If I pinch my pennies enough, I could even come home with a little extra!

Unless I actually find the time to do some shopping…


patty said...

And yet ... I am (do I dare confess this?) envious! I've never done any touring, and I've lived in the same city nearly my entire life. (Only my first 2 years were spent in SoCal, and the rest have been up here in the Bay Area.)

So I look at this and think "Woo hoo! I wanna go too!"

NOT that I don't also realize the hard work that you will be doing, nor the travel woes you might encounter, and the food "iffiness" that you might run across. I think I just envy anyone who gets some change of environment on occasion!

How silly of me, though, to complain about my life; I've been an employed musician since 1975. Not that it's been a full time bit 'o work, but it's been good work.

So I'll leave now. ;-)

(Do keep us posted, though. I LOVE reading about your career and adventures!)

M. C- said...

Moon, colorless
like the color of pale gold:
You see me here and I wouldn’t like you
to see me from the heights above.
Take me, silently, in your ray
to the space of your journey.

how i'd love to travel with the moon's rays, for a Bird's eye view of your journey. Toi toi, and give us a peek if time allows!

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