Saturday, February 04, 2006

A wager

From this month’s Opera America e-Newsletter:

Super Bowl hysteria has reached beyond the stadium and into the opera house as the general directors of Seattle Opera and Pittsburgh Opera, Speight Jenkins and Mark Weinstein, have made a wager on the outcome of the game between the teams of their respective cities. He who loses the wager will wear the winning team's jersey to his company's next board meeting - and have his picture taken in the jersey with the board standing behind him. Both opera companies have connections to their favorite teams as their singers have performed the National Anthem at home games in recent seasons.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!

GO HAWKS!!!!!!

Update 2/6: Well, that was depressing.

1 comment:

Ariadne said...

Steelers RULE! Wore all black, with my orange terrible towel over my shoulder, all weekend. Ha!

ps Sorry, about the Seahawks though. Someone has to lose, I guess. My 7-year old nephew adores them & is similarly bummed.

They'll be back next year, I'm guessing!

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