Friday, February 17, 2006

To Do for February 17

- Figure out why I keep going sharp on the melismatica passages of Lua Descolorida… muscle memory is a tricky little thing. Grrr.
- Get my concert dress altered, taking about two inches off of the hem. They want me barefoot for the concerts, and even with shoes it is a little too long. Fortunately, the president of the ASO was able to get me an appointment with her tailor this morning.
- Drink lots of water. Inhale lots of steam. Watch a movie. Rest and enjoy the quiet of my room.
- Sing another concert! This one with my grandparents, aunt, and cousin (and the Mayor of Atlanta) in the audience.


Canadian Basso said...

Family concerts are so nice and encouraging. Reminds one of why we do this in the first place, sometimes... :)

the Rev said...

Anne Carolyn, I am excited to hear "La Pasion" - currently in exotic southeast Kansas, beginning my journey to London. Love, 83.

Nicole Randall said...

BRAVA! A very awesome performance Friday night. It was really beautiful. Brian and I were very impressed. (Great dress by the way, it got me up off my duff to go buy mine)

I think I was near your cheering section. They were excited to be there :)

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