Friday, September 22, 2006

I can taste it…

In my lesson today, MO and I were working through the exercises. (He has a series of seven that I’m working on memorizing, so I can jot shorthand notes: #3, d-flat “ee” round. Translation: In exercise #3 (123453531), key of d-flat, round the “ee” vowel a bit at the end.)

When we got to #7 (1358531, sustaining the top note), my high notes were really cranking. Whatever the exercise, I tend to stop whenever I feel or hear something that I don’t understand or that doesn’t feel as solid as I know it can, and ask him how we fix it. Today, I stopped after running the exercise in a key where I felt the top note was a bit straight-toned. Not completely, it had some spin, but not as much as I knew it could. So I stopped, asked if he heard it to, what caused it, blah blah. Then I said, “So was that the E?” (That pesky E…)

And he replied, “Nope. That was an F.”


The key before I stopped, which would have been the E, was vibrant, spinning, loose. Zerbinetta, here I come!

I haven’t sung since last Friday’s audition, just taking some time to get settled, unpack, decompress from a pretty stressful month. MO says I should take a week off more often, and if this is the result, I agree!


Anonymous said...

Brava diva!


Ariadne said...

Isn't that just the most *awesome* feeling in the world, ACB???

That "YES!" when you realize you can do it!!!!

Go, Zerbinetta!!!!!!

(from a future "ariadne")

Anonymous said...

A week off works wonders huh? Say hi to NYC for me, I miss it.


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