Monday, September 04, 2006

Next leg – Boulder to NYC via Athens, GA

Another hurdle cleared in preparation for life in New York City!

I sold my car, or, rather, made an agreement to sell my car upon my arrival in the city. I got my full asking price, which was a bit unexpected; maybe I could have asked for more! With the money from the sale, I think I’ll be able to live this fall without having to get temporary office work. That means I’ll be able to take my time adapting to the city, focus on prepping for (and giving) auditions, and start work on my roles for next year. I am very grateful for this luxury!

Tomorrow morning I hit the road, heading east. My goal for tomorrow is to make it at least as far as Kansas City, farther if possible. KC is ten hours from here, which is probably all I can handle driving alone, diverse listening material or otherwise! My car is extremely well-packed, and with room to spare. Good thing, ‘cuz I don’t have a lot of room for extra stuff in my apartment!

Have a talked about my apartment yet? I have a room with a colleague (and friend of a fellow blogger!) in a great apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. My room is teeny tiny: 8x8! Fortunately, there is a built-in loft bed, and the ceiling is 9-ft, so the space under the loft is almost 6ft. Tall enough for me to stand up straight underneath when getting dressed! That counts for something. I have the perfect storage solution in mind for books and clothes, which I will acquire on a trip to IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ, next Monday. Hopefully I’ll find something that resembles a small desk and a comfy chair as well.

I think that’s it for moving news right now. Now it’s bedtime.

Oh, but before I go, here’s an indicator that I have moved up to a new level, career-wise. When I sing for companies now, sometimes the auditions will be on their stages. Just me, a piano (and pianist), a few adjudicators, and a lot of empty seats. Gulp!


The Management :) said...

Okay. You canNOT come to Athens this time and I not see you. Let's PLEASE figure out how we can do that. How long are you in the Athens (I assume with grandparents?)?

Much love!

The Management :) said...

typo above

Brendan said...

I recommend trying craigslist for cheap furniture, especially ikea furniture... you can save up to 100% :o)

Anonymous said...


Craigslist is great for absolutely everything! Good advice.

I'd give some more thought to not working at little in the fall when you get to the city. Like it or not, it's a necessary evil of what we do....and we have all had to do at least a little of it. It's a good experience to learn how to balance working a little and singing. Life in this city is overwhelmingly expensive - certainly managable, and it sounds like you have a good living situation planned. But tough, for sure. Good luck to you.

Maury D'annato said...

You'll love the neighborhood, and the dog days wherein that room is rather stuffy seem to be past. I spent a happy week couch-crashing there, and the company is top notch.

sogalitno said...

Hope your journey Eastward is going well. All the best luck in getting settled in (the room sounds perfect for your first place in ny!)

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