Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On the job

I'm writing from my two-day-a-week "job" - babysitting my 15-month old nephew while my sister-in-law does an internship (finishing up a degree in urban development and planning). James is napping, so I thought I'd write a quick post.

The WNO audition went very well. It wasn't on the stage afterall (and, no, Domingo wasn't there!), but in a rehearsal room. The stage was covered with set pieces for Bluebeard's Castle and Gianni Schicchi, which opened this weekend. I sang Nanetta and then they asked for Tornami, and I was happy with both. Tornami has given me dramatic fits for a while now, as is often the case (for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone) with da capo arias [ABA' form]. But I did some work on it this summer, and intensified the B section (also slowed it down), which makes going back to A a lot easier. Some new gestures came out, as they often do for me in performance, which can help make an aria fresher and more "in the moment." Not sure where they come from, but I'm always happy when they show up.

With that audition out of the way, I'm finally getting settled into my apartment. I'm picking up that bookcase I wanted this evening (found one on Craigslist - thanks for the tip!), and getting a chair and desk this weekend. I've been cleaning like a madwoman. It's not at all a reflection of AP's housekeeping skills; he is very good, but whenever I move into a new place I pretty much scour it from top to bottom. Then, whatever messes I make I know are mine! Tonight I'll get all my clothes put away and most of my books unpacked, which will clear up some physical space which will in turn clear up some mental space...

Music to learn, auditions to prep. You know the drill!

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sogalitno said...

Glad to hear you are settling in... thats a good feeling!

Just in time for some nice cool autumn weather!

good luck with the unpacking!

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