Friday, March 16, 2007

Links for March 16th

NYTimes article on acting in opera - Yes, Virginia, there are opera singers who can act! “…a new generation of opera singers, fine vocal artists who care deeply about acting and do it very well.” Excellent article, excellent performers.

Ljova livin’ the life - add to this a performance of some kind at night, and you get an accurate picture of what life as a multi-track musician is like. I’m sure he’s had many of those days… And then, imagine doing it all on the road, in an unfamiliar city!

TSR on wine and knowledge - “Snobbishness is not the opposite of ignorance; in fact, I would argue that they share space on the same side of the coin.”

Belief and the Law of Attraction - Michelle over at A Singer’s Life gives her take on what I call manifesting.

Not the Messiah: He’s a very naughty boy - As the Gospels are to Handel’s Messiah, so this comedic oratorio is to The Life of Brian. Oh, the tears of laughter are streaming already! And talk about embracing the silly! (Via OperaChic)

And speaking of silly, what I wouldn’t give to be in Seattle next month and see MP talking to herself! If you’re in the area, you are strongly encouraged to check out the Northwest Puppet Center’s production of another hidden gem of Baroque puppet opera.


Melissa said...

tee hee! Thanks for the link! :)

theSoupasonic said...

Hey there, thanks, too, for the link! :)

I think the life I lead could only be possible in New York - elsewhere, I'd simply roam the streets in search of fresh soup/bread/coffee.

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