Friday, March 09, 2007


If you want to know how I’m spending my free time these days, read Tom’s fabulous post on learning atonal music! Granted, most of the music on my plate is traditional, but some of the Harbison and Messiaen songs are requiring me to pull out all my tricks. Colored pencils, pitch charts, fun markings, metronomes, and lots and lots of counting.

I’m just about to start work on the actual pitches of the trickiest sections. My keyboard is kind of on the fritz, though, and so I’m a bit nervous about working with my pedal tones. We’ll see how it goes. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, it sounds like a cat jumps on the keys and then the darn thing freezes up! Or, it’ll keep working but sound like a horribly out of tune piano. Bizarre. That’s what I get for buying a $20 keyboard from Radio Shack!

Tonight, though, a voice lesson, then drinks with a high school classmate I haven’t seen in 13 years! He was my boyfriend’s best friend, and my primary memory is of him sitting on an amp in my driveway, playing guitar while my boyfriend serenaded me. With “Wild Thing.” Uh-huh. In front of my big, cool, college-attending brother! I was mortified. It wasn’t as John Hughes as it sounds, and certainly not John Cusack! Ah, young love.

Hopefully there will be no serenading tonight, unless we end up singing show tunes at The After Party!

Have a great weekend, every body! Helena final dress on Monday!


southern gal said...

due to a very generous mom, i will be at the Prima for Helena ! can't wait to see it and you! toi toi!

Sarah said...

OMG, I never knew that about Josh. Funny.

Have a great time!

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