Saturday, March 24, 2007

"One of those big round ones"

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!!
Yes, today is "one of those big round" birthdays for my Dad, seen above with me back when I was still a natural strawberry-blonde. What a handsome man! And stylish, too. (Seriously, I'm loving that jacket...)

I wish we could all have been together for this Saturday morning. The three Bird kids are spread around a bit now, with Sally and her husband in Idaho and Mark and his family here in New York City with me. Getting us all together in one visit is proving harder and harder these days. But, someday - hopefully soon and maybe in NYC? - we'll all be together. Maybe we'll have a big party for all the birthday's we've missed. You should hear this group sing Happy Birthday! It's a beautiful thing.

Love you, Dad!


Anonymous said...

And I love you, too. I noticed you very diplomatically did not mention which one of the "big round ones" I am celebrating. Thank you for thinking of me.

By the way, that outfit had matching jeans, with the same style pockets. Very trendy! Too bad the Air Force wouldn't let me wear a cool 70's haircut to go with them. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog, think I'll be visiting you more often :) I found it by accident searching for stuff about "Tornami a vaggheggiar". Love the story about making the high E yours from last year(that's where google led me to), as a fellow lyric coloratura I can totally relate! Good luck with the YSL and Nun-in-training, and greetings from Krakow, Poland!

Anonymous said...

Ha! YSL! I bet you love that. :)
Maybe he'll design the costumes!

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