Friday, May 25, 2007

WTOC blog

Just a reminder that Kim Witman, the Director of Wolf Trap Opera, keeps a blog about life in opera from the other side of the stage. Well, from the administration side, anyway. There's definitely more than one "other side of the stage!"

She has some pictures up of our first day yesterday. Note the looks - and body language! - of intense concentration and not a little fear!

Today is already much better, as we spent the morning doing some intense ensemble work. The tonality shifts rapidly in this piece, and the chords are often very complex - it ain't Mozart! Think jazz. Jazz meets Stravinsky. And I think I heard a little Bach in there today, and, well, I guess there is some Mozart, too! If you come see it, listen for the Don Giovanni reference. Let's just say it is Hard. BUt I can already tell that we're going to have a blast. The cast is very strong; great voices, all, and comic timing is already apparent.

More music rehearsals this afternoon and tomorrow morning, then staging Scene 1 tomorrow afternoon!

Also tomorrow morning, I finally pick up my summer wheels: a green '94 Ford Taurus, purchased for cheap off Craigslist. Fingers crossed that it's in as good a shape as I expect it to be...

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Rahree said...

hoping that the car works out - i think the universe should only be sweet to you for the rest of your time in Virginny!

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