Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blogroll Update, Summer ‘07

The full (enormous!) list is, as always, here. I’ve rearranged the page into a few more categories, since my two big lists of “Music” and “Other” were just getting too bloated to be of any good. I tried to cull the list, really, I did, but only took off three or four blogs that had become dormant. All the rest are still listed in my Bloglines RSS feeder, I swear. Big blog dork, that’s me…

These new additions are listed over on the side bar for easy access, where they’ll stay until the next update. Happy reading!

101 Cookbooks - Inspiration

bighappyfunhouse - found photographs

From Every Corner - SMB in PDX

The Good Musician - Lists, tips, ideas, definitions. These posts about practice journals and (some of the many) things that make a good musician are a great place to start.

Huffington Post - recently brought back to my attention

Pink of Perfection - La dolce vita

James Roe - NYC arts insight from the Dir of Helicon. This post on practicing vs. rehearsing is fantastic.

Slaves to Fashion - Glamour editor

Yankeediva - Joyce DiDonato, sharing her journey with us

1 comment:

SMB said...

Thanks, ACB! Big loves from PDX.

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