Saturday, December 08, 2007


My life has been taken over by this beautiful little machine, so sorry - again! - for the quiet days. I’ve got a backlog of posts that I’ll try to get out this coming week. And it’s a serious backlog, too! I have half-finished posts from all the way back to mid-summer... Good stuff, though, and still relevant in the general sense. So I’ll get to it.

Here’s what to expect:

12/9: This week’s FriPod
Doing vs. Being (Oops. This one actually got written and published, but I didn't get it out of my drafts folder. Read it here.)
12/12: Acting with the voice and stage physicality. 12/9: Part One is here: Out of Your Head
Level Up - we’re not kids anymore
Language work
The latest on The Bhakti Project

I know some folks have asked questions in the comments over the past year or so. If you did, and you still remember your question (and care about the answer!), please post it again on this post. I’m going to try to keep a better tab on questions in the future, hopefully answering them all. Eventually.


abner said...

Reading your Doing and Being post ... There's a terrific set of four books by Mark Epstein, psychiatrist/psychoanalyst/Buddhist meditation practitioner. They're all about, in one way or another, blending psychotherapy with meditation. How each can inform the other. One of them is called "Going on Being." All highly recommended!

boston_sop said...

Could please you post a bit about when and how you began singing? Do you or have you ever played other instruments?

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