Sunday, December 02, 2007


It took me until about 4:00 today to figure out why I was in such a funk. Was it the snow? The fact that I still haven’t stopped at Kashkaval for more coffee, making my usual morning ritual impossible? The fact that neither the Indy nor the Denver game would be broadcast in my area this afternoon? The desire for new winter boots? What?!

Then I realized: I had post-show blues. When a show ends, particularly a show you loved working on, it’s not uncommon to get a little depressed. And, as I think you know, I really loved this show. What more could I have asked for, really, for my first Italian Mozart experience? Not much.

Last night was a final show in more ways than one, being Bryn’s final go at the role of Figaro as well as the last show of our run. During the last number of the Finale (Mozart “finales” are usually 7 or 8 numbers long; go figure.) when everyone is essentially singing “hey, let’s all go party!” Simon had arranged with the folks at the Met to bring champagne flutes (filled with champagne, even!) onto the stage, so all the principals could toast Bryn – and each other – as we sang our last chorus together. It was a bit chaotic (I didn’t actually get my champagne until after we’d stopped singing!), and I’m sure the Maestro was going crazy trying to keep our attention, but what a way to end. The curtain dropped, and instead of rushing off-stage right away as normal, we all started hugging and toasting, prompting Jonathan, our stage manager, to hurry out and say “Come on, you still have to do the bows!”

So we reconvened in the tiny corner off-stage left, cheering and toasting some more, everyone trying to get through the crowd to hug Bryn, and making sure we drained our flutes before heading out to bow. (Well, all of us except MM, who carried his back out onstage and sweetly toasted the audience.) It was, as every night, so much fun. Are you guys getting tired of reading those three little words?!

Two colleagues from grad school were in the audience last night, along with the Brooklyn Birds and my former teacher. What has been even more fun than knowing people are in the audience is getting emails after shows from friends who went to the opera not knowing I was going to be singing! Or people who knew, but didn’t tell me before they came. After every show, I’ve gotten such wonderful comments and insights from friends old and new.

I am naturally sad to leave all of that behind. Now I face two months devoid of performing (other than auditions), two months of hard-core studying for February’s gigs. I’m entering a hibernating period at the coldest, darkest time of the year, a fact that has me a bit daunted, I think. But there are new projects in the brainstorming stage, current projects ready for the next phase, and Susanna, who will be a dear companion this winter, so I journey on.


abner said...

This is a great post. You really have an ability to translate your feelings into words in a way that seems easy ... but of course it's not so easy at all. It's quite a skill.

I remember from my theater days having similar let-down feelings after a final show. This was in college, and the final show led to the striking of the set, which meant getting to bed with the sun rising. That was still thrilling. Then the blues set in.

But before any of that, I used to go sit in the back of the house, after the crowd had left, when others were elsewhere. Sit for a while and feel the silent energy of the crowd, just recently focused on the stage. Whether I had been directing or acting, it was a very rich moment.

Patty said...

I almost always have to deal with that "after it's over hangover". And I'm not doing the level of work you are doing, so I would think it would be even more difficult for you!

I sure wish I lived near NYC so I could have gone to the opera. Sigh.

Maybe some year. After I'm done paying for a wedding and colleges and all that jazz! (Since I have a brother in Brooklyn I would at least have a place to stay ... I think!)

I always love reading your blog! :-)

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