Friday, November 30, 2007

Good and Bad

Bad: a call from the casting director saying that the director has “decided to go with someone else.”

Good: he also said that they really liked my work, and that they would keep me in mind for future projects.

Good: an email from management saying they had an inquiry for my availability for a very cool new opera based on a play I LOVE directed by someone I’ve wanted to work with for years.

Bad: I’m not available.

It’s been an up-and-down day, you know? But I spent a few good hours working on my Figaro score at LPQ, accompanied for a time by LW. I did some shopping (tickets for Einstein on the Beach and closing night cast presents). I had a fun Hansel & Gretel coaching at the Met. I ran into a couple of former teachers, one of whom will be in the third row for tomorrow night’s final Figaro. And tonight I’ll see Andrew Bird in concert (finally!) with a good friend by my side.

The balance of things is still firmly in the "Good" column…

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