Wednesday, October 04, 2006

300th Post!

So, that technique-heavy pitch chart post was my 300th post on the concert. Cool!

I thought I would celebrate by switching over to the new Blogger format. The thing I'm most excited about is labels: I'll be adding subject-related labels to all (or most) posts now. This way, those of you who really like my tech talk can go back and read it all with one simple click!!

Ideas for other label categories?

Update: Ok, where'd my little picture and blog description go? Any Beta-Bloggers have any hints? ("Beta-bloggers." Sounds like a drug.)


me said...

Congrats on 300 entries!!! And thanks for that pitch chart stuff as well. I was getting so annoyed with memorizing Zerbinetta's first duet and random entrances in the Prologue. The "Opera" act is so easy to my ear, and I have the aria down, but for some reason the first half has been giving me that little forehead stress vein! (writing out random lines of recit as I type), g

Princess Alpenrose said...

Beta-bloggers ... beta blockers, ha ha. That's performer humor for you!

I was thinking about Strauss too, coluratur ... aaah. For instance, for me, it might make memorizing Marschallin Act I easier. Fun even, as ACB points out.

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