Monday, October 30, 2006

A nest

As I said a few posts ago, I’ve definitely settled into Life here in NY. My room has taken a real turn from the almost-uninhabitable to the very cozy and welcoming. All it took was a trip to Ikea to put the finishing touches on the place. I’ve even offered it up to a fellow singer who’ll be here for auditions while I’m on a gig, and I would only let someone stay here if I knew they would be comfortable. So, that’s saying something!

Here’s a picture. I love my little desk, which now has my laptop on the pullout shelf underneath and my electric keyboard on the top. Currently there are also some red and yellow roses, two Netflix movies ready to be returned, and a bunch of other clutter. At the top of the photo, you can see my brown comforter hanging down from the loft bed, which has a wonderful light in it now. I’ll post a picture of that, too. I still have some art to frame and hang, but that will be the last touch. It’s my little nest, and I love it.

I had a strange experience at an audition last week, one that will probably occur from time to time if I keep blogging. The audition was for Chicago Opera Theater, whose General Director, Brian Dickie, keeps his own blog here, chronicling the ins and outs of his General-Director-ship. Mr. Dickie and I met briefly this summer at Santa Fe, and when I was introduced to him, he said, “Oh, yes, the blogger!” This was my first encounter with a GD who reads The Concert (or who admits to reading it), and we talked briefly of blogging and singing and parted ways.

At the audition last week, when my manager introduced me, there was the usual “Hello, good to see you again, yes, I know you, we met last summer, etc.” But then he mentioned the blog again and said, “Yes, I know you; I know you intimately.” Gulp. I’ve had few moments through this blogging trip when I wondered if I’d ever said too much, and this was one of them! (And it’s funny writing about this now, knowing he’ll read it…Hi, Mr. Dickie!) Did he read about my insecurities (and conquering them) in regards to Regnava? Did he wonder why I didn’t sing it for him?! Probably not, but I did wonder. Only momentarily, of course, and then it was on to the task at hand: singing a bang-up audition!

This week’s auditions: MidAmerica Productions and Des Moines Metro Opera.


me said...

Your room looks soooo cute! congrats on making it a place you really look forward to coming "home" to. I feel like I've moved every year since I got to college (oh, wait- I have), and now I'm finally settled and hoping to be in this residency for next year too and it makes me happy to have my own (not provided already) furniture--thanks to Ikea and a lovely competition win :)
Hooray for grownup lives with breakable things and fresh flowers on the mantle!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I met someone on my way to orchestra the other morning who joined our community orchestra after reading my blog! He was very nice but it is a bit unnerving.

I think the secret got out last week, so I'm sure I'll be facing up to it at this week's rehearsal!

Anonymous said...

It's disconcerting to meet someone who reads you, eh? One of my friends' mothers reads my blog religiously. I love it and I'm flattered... but I have to keep reminding myself that she knows me VERY WELL for someone I've exchanged so few words with in person.

I did once meet an auditioner who had read my blog post about not wanting to audition for her company. Whoops! Fortunately it was a convenience/finance issue that kept me from wanting to sing. Imagine coming face to face with someone you slammed! Eugh. No thanks!

ACB said...

Campbell, there's a simple way to avoid that awkward meeting: don't slam anyone! =]

I had the opposite concern, as I was writing the above post. I wanted to say something nice about COT (incredible programming), but thought it might come across as ass-kissing! It's true, though; the 2007 season looks amazing: Monteverdi, Berlioz, Bartok, Schoenberg! Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes... I think we all abide by that one (though I do make an exception or two...). I know what you mean. Once I found out that that auditioner read my blog - what do I write about her? or the audition?

Anyways, it's just interesting to have the crossing between the virtual world and the real world. They feel so separate, it's sometimes a bit amazing that REAL PEOPLE actually read this stuff! :)

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