Wednesday, February 23, 2005

February Teaser

I have so much to write about, and no time to sit down and get my thoughts on paper. Rehearsals for Flute (That’s the third time today that I’ve almost typed “Glute” instead of “Flute.” Can you imagine?! The Magic Glute!! Love it!) are going very well. It’s going to be a wonderful show. I’m in the middle of a maelstrom of bookings for NOISE, the elementary school opera outreach group I’ve sung with for two years. This year my schedule was too busy to perform, so I took on the bookings. Now I’m beginning to realize that my schedule is too busy for this, as well!

I’m having to work hard on focusing, doing one thing at a time. When I have half a dozen tasks in my head, I’m always tempted (and often I give in to the temptation!) to try and multi-task. But all that ends of doing is streching all the tasks out longer than they would have taken if I had tackled them one at a time. Like just now I picked up my phone to make a call for NOISE, when what I really want and need to do is finish this post.

So, another teaser post for now. Here are the things I am wanting to write about, and I promise I will. Just as soon as I can breathe.
• Taxes! Self-employed folks, and artists of all ilk (ilks?), dread this time of year. What a headache.
• House-hunting, and Santa Fe housing.
• February as the Best Month of the Year. Yes, it has my birthday in it (un-birthday this year), but I also have had amazing gigs in February. And will have in February 2006 and 2007! Yep, I have an offer to do an opera in February of 2007. Like I said, teaser!
• A precious gift that was given to me by a retired singer at my Port Angeles Symphony concert.

Ok, now that I’ve put all this out there, I’m obligated more than ever to get it all down in a post. Pester me until I do it!

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Calin said...

February 2007???

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