Tuesday, February 08, 2005

4 Shows in 2 Months

More on the reason I’m sick, other than the technical germy reasons. I spread myself a bit thin this spring, and I knew it months ago. I should have spent January resting up, quietly reading scores and listening to my study CDs on the couch. Instead we sold our house, found a new place to live, moved into that place, and put the rest of our stuff in storage; I also sang in a Tsunami Benefit and took a trip to New York. Ha! I just reread that post, and I said, “It’s a pretty low-stress move, since we don’t have to out of the house completely until February 10.” Hahahahahahahaha! There is no such thing as a low stress move!! I’ve moved at least 20 times in my 28 years; I should know that by now.

Anyway, January was far from restful, and then everyone around me started coughing. Not a good combination. I couldn’t just go to bed, though, and tough it out, because, as the title of this post implies, I’m working on four shows in February and March. Two operas, each with three performances, and two concerts. A full singer’s schedule, which is something I’m not used to!

The first was this past Saturday, a concert of arias with the Port Angeles Symphony Orchestra. My cold hit hard on Friday, but with a visit to the doctor on Saturday I was able to make it through. Fortunately I didn’t lose my voice until Sunday! The folks at PASO were outstanding. Very generous with their time, and flexible with the program. I asked to cut one number and be moved from after intermission to before. I sang five arias (The one I cut? Olympia’s aria from Les Contes d’Hoffmann. I didn’t have the energy needed for that kind of vocal precision.) for a wonderful audience, with a wonderful amateur orchestra, and a very sympathetic conductor. It was a great night. But, boy, was I glad to make it home and sleep in my own place.

No rest for the wicked, however. This Friday is opening night of an opera with the Seattle Early Music Guild, in which I am one of three leads. Thank god for early music being low! The piece isn’t taxing, since it’s all on the staff, and is actually quite fun. I get to be a boy (Cupid, without the diaper), which won’t happen too often in my career, so I’m enjoying playing with that energy. Mostly I love being in an actual theatre again. The dressing rooms, green room, stage manager, makeup, costumes, lights, all of it. It’s where I love to be.

Then March has the Magic Flute (rehearsals start in earnest next week) and the St. John Passion! Busy, busy. I will do my best to stay healthy. That might need to entail getting a massage every two weeks… darn.

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TJM said...

Speedy recovery, Anne-Carolyn. I feel your pain.

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