Wednesday, February 09, 2005

On The Air

I’ll be featured tonight on KING FM, Seattle’s classical music radio station, in an interview that we taped last week. It’s mainly a PR spot for the Early Music Guild show this weekend. Gigi Yellen is the evening host, and she said it will air sometime after 8pm (that’s PST, remember). If you’re interested in listening but don’t live in Seattle, check out the live streaming audio on the webpage.

This was my first real publicity interview, and I liked it! I think I’m a pretty good interviewee; my mom would say it’s because I like to talk about myself (who doesn’t?!). Mostly I enjoyed being asked thoughtful questions that allowed me to expound on my work, in both general and specific terms. Gigi and I talked a bit about the connection between early music and new music, and why so many singers sing both. I also talk about getting to play a boy. A rather androgynous, Baroque-y, elegant boy named Cupid, but a boy, nonetheless!

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