Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back at the Ranch

A couple things from life back at home in Seattle:

Seattlest is blogging their experience viewing The Ring at Seattle Opera. So far, reviews of Das Rheingold, Die Walkure, and Siegfried have been posted. I wish I could see this amazing production!

On a sadder note, the "little Austrian man" has left us. Hans Wolf, of the spectacular accent, silk scarves, and unbelievable zest for life (and operetta!), died last week. He was planning this fall's production of La Perichole - which will, of course, still go on - from his hospital bed. He was proof that having a passion for something will keep you young! I couldn't believe that he was 90 when I met him; I would have thought he was in his late 70's, at the most. A precious man with a wonderful life story (his obit says he was an interpreter in WWII; rumor has it that he might have been a spy for the US Army...), a great love for Viennese operetta, and unflagging support for young singers. His hearing was starting to go, though, towards the end; he said to me once, "You have a young spinto voice, don't you?" No, Hans, I most certainly don't, but I will sing tomorrow's Turandot chorus as if I did, singing loud enough for you to hear me. We will miss you, darling man.

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Anonymous said...

Among other things, it's Marzelline from Fidelio (not Marcellina, as in the character mezzo from Nozze).

Robert Gilder travels something like over 2/3 of the year. I saw him two weeks ago at another festival too. When can he work?

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