Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Links for August 29, 2005

(with apologies to MC at TSR)

Think Denk: Residential Evening
“end-of-summer sadness”

Les Histoires des moi: Never boring
this is much like a post that I have been wanting to write, about other skills we bring to the table as singers that may seem unrelated but end up being incredibly valuable

TSR: Overheard in Los Alamos
that’s not cool

aworks: Dr. Atomic/getting ready
collection of links to the buzz in the blogosphere re: this new work (see also TSR post above)

Bookish Gardener: Carnival of Music
as before, links to music-themed posts around the blogosphere

The Dilettante Traveler: Four States
travels with ACB


jon said...

I am looking everywhere for dc shoes and dc shoes, while doing so I somehow stumbled onto your dc shoes blog. I am happy to say I learned something and will look into this further...

Thanks for the great posts...


Roberto Crapo said...

Hello, I am interested in hearing from others

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