Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Carnival of Music

For the past few weeks (or has it been months now?), a new meme of sorts has been appearing on blogs of all kinds. The Carnival of Music, created by John at texasbestgrok, is a weekly roundup of music links from around the blogosphere. The posts don’t have to be from music blogs; many of them are thoughts on music from non-music bloggers, which is very cool. Every Monday, a new blogger hosts the Carnival, presenting in their own way a list of music related links from around the blogosphere. Not all of the hosts are music bloggers; in fact many of them aren’t. Next week we are hosted by a gardener who loves to read and knows her whiskey…

This week’s host is Musicircus, yet another blog to add to my Bloglines feeds. (It’s exciting to be finding so many great music blogs recently; reading them is a great way to procrastinate… ) Lots of great links to follow there, many of which I was thinking of mentioning here. But now I can just pass you along!

I hope to host sometime in the coming weeks, once I get home and get settled. Ah, to be settled… At one point in the past few weeks, I thought I might only get to be home for a month, then be on the road for, essentially, the next year. It seems that is not going to be the case, and I am glad for it. Sometimes a great opportunity comes along at the wrong time, making it a much less-great opportunity. It’s always hard to pass on work, but I’m learning to trust my instinct. Maybe more on this later, but maybe not. A new colleague and friend is encouraging me to focus on the positives in my path, rather than the negatives. And while these opportunities were positive in one sense, they were not right for me, so it is better to let them go.

The time will come for a full year of traveling, but I have more work to do before that day. That is what you’ll be reading about here in the months to come: the work, not the passed opportunities. Let’s move forward.

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kimcox said...

good for you - learning to say no is a difficult thing (and one that we are constantly learning how to do!) I'm looking forward to swapping summer stories in person.

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