Saturday, August 27, 2005


It is always easier to pack when you are leaving a place you’ve visited than when you are leaving home. Here, all I have to do is gather all my things and put them in the car. None of this: “Should I take these pants or these? Will I need these shoes? What books and scores and CDs will I want?”

It is very refreshing.

The final Ainadmar was last night, and closing night of the season is tonight (Turandot). There will be a small party at the opera, where many hugs and kisses will be given and received, phone numbers and email addresses will be exchanged, and promises to keep in touch will be made. I have made some wonderful new friends here, but I will especially miss JH, who I knew years ago as JP. She and I were at UGA together in undergrad, back before either of us really knew we wanted to be opera singers. We were acquaintances, but not friends: I was hanging out with the “townies” and she was in the marching band. (I never miss a chance to tease her about her euphonium-playing days…) But this summer we have found in each other a true friend, and I will miss her terribly. We dream of singing Sophie and Octavian together someday…

Tomorrow I’ll say good-bye to Pam (and Madison & Matisse) and to this beautiful house which has been my retreat all summer. I will miss watching the many birds dine at the feeder outside my window. I’ll miss the comfy lounge chairs by the lily-covered koi pond, the perfect place to unwind from a long day. I won’t have to miss the great coffeemaker, as Pam has given one to Erik and me as a housewarming present! And I will miss Pam’s sweet and gentle nature; a more generous and open person you’d be hard pressed to find. She is also starting a new phase of life here in Santa Fe, and I wish her great luck.

Well, even though packing to leave is easier than packing to come, I must get to it. More from on the road with The Dilettante Traveler!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like finding a new friend, especially in an old aquintance. That's the kind that lasts forever! Anxious to hear when you sing together. I bet it shouldn't be missed! Oh, and welcome home. I'm sure those stars will burn bright for you again

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