Saturday, June 03, 2006


I had fittings for my chorus costumes this week, and T, the costumer in charge of all my costumes, was anxious to get me crossed off the list for Carmen and Flute. More than once, he said, “We’re going to need Ms. Bird in here for so many fittings for Cendrillon, I don’t want to have to take up more time with these costumes!” We rushed to get through my three Carmen outfits in forty-five minutes, and Flute was an easy fit, so… now any time I have to go have a fitting, it will be for Cendrillon!

I won’t post pictures until after opening, but my costumes are hysterical. The cosutme shop is also going to make a rough rehearsal costume so G and I can practice walking. It’s not an A-line skirt, let’s just put it that way!

G and I had our first coaching today, and I can tell that we’re going to have a blast. I’m also glad for the chance to work with CA, a coach on staff that I didn’t really get to work with last year. I have a long list of new things to work on this summer, so I hope to really take advantage of all the talented and knowledgable people on staff.

A day off tomorrow, with yoga in the morning and a party at the opera in the evening. Then we start staging Carmen on Monday!

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