Friday, June 23, 2006

It begins

It has been a crazy few days, as to be expected, and tonight we start our summer of evenings and nights at the theater. I was talking with a friend today about the joy of watching the sunset off the back deck of the theater after getting into costume, waiting for our call to “places” and the thrill of the downbeat while watching a show every bit as spectacular (sometime more so…) then the operas we perform. Then, after the performance, walking back to the car under a clear sky positively filled with stars. Cool enough to need a sweater, even though it topped 90 degrees that afternoon. It doesn’t get much better than that…

It has also been unbelievable dry this summer, more so than last year, and I’m really feeling it. I got pretty dehydrated on Tuesday (but I didn’t faint!), and for the past few days have felt a weird tickle in my throat. When I woke up this morning barely able to talk, I knew that dehydration had really hit me. So today I didn’t sing, I bought a humidifier for my bedside, and I drank water like it was going out of style. The fact that I drank four liters of water (at least) and wasn’t in the ladies’ room every 30 minutes drove home the fact that I was truly parched! Scary.

A few posts and articles of interest:

Chiara has some wonderful thoughts on singing today. I love to hear non-professionals talk about music and singing, since we full-timers can often forget the basic joy of creating music. Of feeling “the noise physically sweep out of your lungs and throat.” A gift.

CT the DT has reached a milestone on her life’s path. I don’t think I realized how scared I was, too, until I heard the relief and joy in her voice when she called me. I

Nicholas Nackley, a colleague of mine from grad school, had a great feature in the Boston Globe last week. It’s always cool to read about my classmates’ successes. I haven’t seen Nick for a few years, but if you see him, asking him about the Barbara Bonney masterclass!

Nick’s profile was related to the premiere of Angels in America by Opera Unlimited in Boston, lead by Gil Rose and starring several colleagues: Tom Meglioranza (read about his experiences at Tomness), Amanda Forsythe, Anne Harley, and Drew Poling (as well as Nick.). It sounds like it was an incredible performance, and I’m so proud to know the people bringing this important work to life.

I’m off to the theater!


Heather-Anne said...

Bottoms up on the H2O and Break a leg!

Signe said...

Hey darlin'-

Just dropping a line while I am at work for a few hours! Glad you are having such a great time out there. We miss you back here in Sea-town. Toi toi toi on the shows and keep chuggin on the water. I swear by COLD drink and sucking on ice cubes when my cords are swollen. Seems to keep the swelling down for me.

Wish I could send you a little rain from here, but we are having a beautiful dry spell as well. :)


Danielle Hermon Wood said...

YEAH NICK! I have not talked to him in years, but I think about him often and I am glad to see that he is doing well. He was my buddy back in the summer of 2001 with UFOC. miss you,

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