Saturday, June 10, 2006


Tomorrow I have my first voice lesson of the summer! And, considering that I haven’t had a voice lesson since August, I’m excited. Especially since it’s with Mark Oswald. I had several lessons with Mark last year, and I always left his lessons feel like I was leaving a yoga class. He is centered and calm, two traits that I value highly in my life right now; you can read about my first impressions and work with him from last summer here.

He is going to be “in residence” here for almost three weeks, I think, so I hope to get in with him a few times at least. I’m also hoping to see him regularly this coming year; his is the kind of energy and attitude with which I want to surround myself.

I don’t have much else to say right now. I’m feeling a little heavy, worrying about people in Seattle. Missing my dog. Anxious about relocating for two weeks. (I’ll be staying with some family friends of L, good people that I met last summer who generously opened their home to me.) Feeling very fragile, but doing my best to embrace it. To just be aware.

But before I sign off, a shout out to S&L (and CT, too?) back in Seattle, who will be singing back-up for Dianne Schuur next week at Jazz Alley!! Unbelievably cool. Knock ‘em dead, ladies.

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Melissa said...

DUDE! Go S&L!!! I LOVE Diane Schuur!

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