Thursday, June 15, 2006

The next big thing

It’s not a new thing, by any means, but MySpace seems to be making inroads into classical music as well as underage international affairs. It is this later aspect that has kept me away until now, only creating a page in order to be able to view the pages of friends of mine, but being easily persuaded by major media, after reading today’s article in the Boston Herald (is the BH major media?), I’m thinking about joining the party.

This is happening in conjunction with the rise of Perfomania, a social networking site specifically for musicians. I learned about this through my manager, as it is billed, in part, as a way for managers and musicians to work together to get their product “out there.” Video, audio, more photos, etc., than could be presented on the agency’s website.

So who knows? In the next few weeks, there may be two more places in the Web-o-sphere from which you can follow my doings. And see who my friends are…

NIB: To Gregory, et al, regarding Blogroll omissions: It is not an intentional slight! To create the blogroll, I mostly just copied the list off of my sidebar, which had been culled from time to time to make room for new blogs. I’m still reading! I will put things aright and get you on the list. If I’ve left off anyone else, please let me know!

NIB 2: Busy busy busy at the opera, with three shows in rehearsal. I’ll get an update soon. On the agenda today: two hours each of Carmen and Flute rehearsal, a wig fitting, a voice lesson, and an hour-long costume fitting for Cendrillon!! En fin!


manprano said...

It's your blog, ACB. Do what you want. I just wanted to bring it to your attention in case it was an oversight...though I have it from several sources that CP/3.0 is not to every taste.

Sing purrty.

Anonymous said...


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