Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Met Debut Weekend: Leading Up

(Part 1 of 3... so far!)

My little hobbit-hole is too stuffy to sit in on a day like this, so I’ve come down to the Naked City Café, where they have Die Zauberflöte playing over the speakers. (Aha: it’s not just the opera – it’s Met Radio on Sirius! A nice synchronicity!)

Ok, let’s go all the way back… The days leading up to Friday night were rather tumultuous, Wednesday being a really rough day and Thursday being a beautiful one. So, I was already a bit stirred up before Friday night; in fact, I had lunch with a friend Friday afternoon, and he said, “I can see your head spinning.” Yep, that was about it!

We’ll leave Wednesday for now, and get to the good stuff on Thursday:
* a wonderfully grounding and joyful brunch with JD and LB, my girls – we all had things to celebrate
* a text from MP asking if I’d like to be interviewed on Sirius Met Radio at second intermission on Friday - along with LW, my fellow debutante – about our debut… um, YES!
* my first visit to “the other Met” and a new friend (and by the time we walked out of the museum spring had arrived in NYC!)
* shopping for opening night cards at an art store filled with too many beautiful things
* requests from two publications (one in NY; one in Portland, OR) for interviews, each on a different facet of my career
* and then, when the day couldn’t really get any better, a voice message: “ACB, it’s your manager. I have an offer for you… call me!”

Offers are always good news, of course, and when I learned what it was, I let out a “YES!” right there on the corner of 57th & 7th. Haven’t signed the contract yet, so I can’t say when and where, but it’s something in Italian – finally! – and is one of the first roles I fell in love with but wasn’t sure I’d ever get a chance to do. It’s a big role (one of the biggest for soprano) at a nice-sized house – not too big, not too small; great place to try it on for what will hopefully be the first time. Very exciting news to get the day before another big debut!

I can’t remember what I did for dinner on Thursday, but I know that I met a friend for a nightcap, which probably helped me fall asleep quickly and sleep peacefully. I woke up, and it was Friday!

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Mme A said...

Hmmm... Could the role be... Lucia?

My first guess would be Susanna, but that's THE biggest/longest role for soprano.

Now - I hope the Met commissions an Anne of Green Gables opera in time for MY debut! And (a la Sir Walter Scott in Italian), I hope against hope that the libretto is in Esperanto.

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