Saturday, April 28, 2007

See you at the Movies!

It’s the day of the simulcast, ya’ll!

I’ll be thinking about you all out there: Boulder, Spokane, Portland, Atlanta, Athens, Boston, Albuquerque… How exciting! Wish you all could be at the party tonight. JD and her fabulous husband are hosting a “debut” party, and I’ve got two cheesecakes ready to go! Mocha chocolate and mixed berry with shortbread crust… mmmmmm!

I’m off to meet a friend for brunch and to pick up his movie ticket: he’ll be watching from the Walter Reade Theatre, right next door to the Met! There’s something kind of funny about that, almost funnier than watching it from around the world.

Be watching this space for a Guest Blogger team in the next week or so, recounting their experience of seeing The Met at the Movies.

And… A big Happy Birthday to my fellow debutante, LW!!!! You don’t look a day over a size 6.


SMB said...

I'll be averting my ears/eyes from the movie simulcast today, if only because I'll be getting to see/hear the production in all its live glory in a week and a half... but knock em dead all the same!

Scatterbrained Seal said...

Congrats again! There were plenty of gorgeous shots of you, in particular a close-up of you and YLT just before you kissed and parted. You sounded even better than opening night, in my opinion. Wonderful singing AND acting! You've got it all! :)

Willym said...

Wasn't able to get to the cinema - both of them here in Ottawa were completely sold out! But I did listen to the broadcast. Congratulations.

SBF said...

The simulcast was fabulous.

Great production and you sounded and looked gorgeous.


rb said...

Brava!!! that was awesome! and I loved meeting your grandparents and your twin, oops, I mean your aunt!


Paul G. McCurdy said...

ACB, you were wonderful! I was in standing room in the orchestra section, so I couldn't see you at the top of the bridge, but you sounded beautiful! I look forward to catching the rebroadcast on PBS!

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