Monday, April 09, 2007

Trittico: Picture Pages!

I work here!Something I never thought I'd see:

What is it they say about the first step of any journey being the hardest?
**Photo removed**
That is definitely true of this bridge! I did ok today, after a shaky first half hour or so. My YLT is very dependable and sure, and he makes me feel very safe! We're having a wonderful time, playing on our bridge and making up all kinds of backstory for our characters - anything to keep my mind off of the pounding heart, sweaty hands, and shaky knees!

That's Maestro Levine, way way way down there!
**Photo removed**
Oddly enough (or not odd at all), I don't have any fear when I'm looking down at him while singing. He, the conductor, exists in a different world, almost, from my fear of heights. As does my character, and my YLT, and, I suppose, the bridge itself. Through "the magic of theater," my fear can disappear when I'm up there, if I give my self over to it (the magic, not the fear).

I'll play around with that idea tomorrow... Also tomorrow, I'll get a picture of Gabriel, the sweet Met donkey! (Sans poop, hopefully.)

**UPDATE 4/10** Sorry, guys, but I had to take down the two pics I took from stage. (I should have checked the rules first!) So, you'll have to use your imagination and take my word for the fact that the bridge is very, VERY high and the Mo. Levine looks very, VERY small from my vantage point! Today's rehearsal was much easier, but I still had a few leaps o' the heart. Tomorrow - costumes, wigs, makeup... and orchestra!!


Scatterbrained Seal said...

Oh my God, that bridge is WAAAAY up there! Those pictures are incredibly cool! You look great, and I know you feel great having your name billed in Tabarro. :) I'm absolutely thrilled for you!

boston_sop said...

I sing with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, and I swear, the only outfit Levine owns other than his performance tux is the navy blue polo and black pants. Post pix if you see anything else!

SBF said...

Truly Thrilling.

Best of best of best of wishes!

Ariadne said...

Anne-Carolyn, words cannot describe how happy I am for you. This is just so awesome! You are living the dream. Thank you *SO* much for sharing it with us, here like this!

The photos are super. I love the one of Levine waaaaay down there! But my favorite is of you standing by the playbill... you at the Met ... and your name with the word "DEBUT"!

(ariadne barely, just *barely* restraining herself from clutching ACB by the shoulders and hopping up and down like an excited schoolgirl...)


Sarah said...

This is so frickin' cool. I hope I can make it up there to catch a performance.

I have more questions about the donkey: where does he live? Does he stink? How much does he get paid?

P.S. my word verification is "braaneon," which is what I think zombies chant at raves.

Janet said...

I can't wait to finally hear you! That will be me you hear cheering from the top of the family circle (which means I'll be looking *down* on your skybridge)on May 1.

Helen said...

Wow, how exciting to see your name on the Met boards! Perhaps that'll be me someday, but for now, I'm living vicariously through your posts!

Dave said...

boston_sop is right on the money about Jimmy the Hair's wardrobe.

My favorite part of the playbill pic is your enormous grin reflected in the glass... good for you! So exciting!!

Alex said...

Dude. That is freaking awesome. Congratulations. I'll be there next month...

Opera Chic said...

agreed. Your reflection in the MET placard with a gigantic grin and expression of such giddiness is beyond awesome! It is adorable and endearing to see your unreserved excitment! Best of the best of the best for your big night. You know you are going to kick ass, right?! RIGHT?!

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