Saturday, June 23, 2007

Before & After

The Wig:
The Pincurl Hair:(with conductor, Sara Jobin, and John Musto, our composer, who I believe was seranading us with "Knock Three Times." I can not tell you why...)

Last night went pretty well, all in all. I think we're all happy to have opening behind us. Now we can relax and get back to playing, to having fun and finding the groove.


Patty said...

Hmmm ... I don't see any pictures. Are they working for you?

I worked with Sara some years ago, with Opera San Jose. You can say hi from Patty Mitchell if you feel like it. Sara also worked with our daughter, Kelsey, who was in middle school at the time; Kelsey sang one of the three boys parts in Magic Flute. If you do mention me you can also her tell her that Kelsey just graduated from college. THAT'S how time flies! :-)

ACB said...

Oops! They were there earlier... weird. I'll try again. Thanks!

Rahree said...

princess pretty girl! makes me wish i had enough hair to curl! :)

Mme A said...

Oh my god - loving the pin-curl hair!

Also - where have you been getting all these cutesy hot-to-trotsy dresses? Adorable.

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